Tavern Hall Business DElivery

Our family style catering menu is perfect for office parties, meetings and business events. This is a high value, low cost alternative to typical office catering services and features what some are calling "The Best Burger in Bellevue". Delivered straight to your door!

Burger & Sando Boxes

Our Classic Cheese Burger, the housemade Black Bean Burger, or the Spicy Chicken Sandwich indivudually wrapped and ready to serve.


Tavern Wings

We use local Draper Valley Chicken for our Tavern Wings with your choice of
Hot Sauce & Blue Cheese or Sesame Glaze & Sriracha.  

Salads, Pretzles & Chips

Kale Salad, Sesame Chop, Hearth Baked Pretzels and Chips go great with any Burger or Sando Box. Don't forget the Moscow Mule mix!

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