Planning a class reunion?

We have you covered with the ultimate no-brainer. Contact us today and start planing your event—summer bookings fill up fast!

Why Book With Tavern Hall?

LOW COST OPTION No room rental fees or minimums. The entire South Bar and Corner Office spaces of Tavern Hall are available for your event.

EASY We want to make your organizing committee’s job easy. No selling tickets and no minimums. Simply market your event via social media.

NO OUTSIDE ORGANIZER NEEDED We’ll assist with all of your event planning.

AMAZING FOOD & DRINK We are a restaurant that does private dining—not an event space that makes food. This is not your typical buffet event. Elevated food & drink!

GREAT VENUE Bellevue Square is the perfect location with three hotels on site and over 2,000 free parking spaces.

COMPLETE A/V SETUP 15 flat screen televisions available for custom slide shows and videos during the event alongside your selected music playlists.

NO FINANCIAL COMMITMENT No deposit required. As an organizer, you will not have to worry about collecting any payments or being obligated to meet a minimum spend. Worry free, easy set up..